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Welcome to Souls and Shadows (still in development)!

It seems the war is lost, all the kingdoms of man spent, many of the dwarven clans and high elf citadels reduced by the thousand year war. Our heroes find themselves as conscripts in the last remaining fortified town called “Hanging Valley”. The situation is dire, with this, the remains of the armies of the kingdom of men, as all that stands in the way of Agaroth and his horde of the undead.

Agaroth is a powerful Lich who has raised a vast army of the undead with the simple goal of ruling over all of the land with the undead enslaved to his every will.

The priests have searched desperatly in the old texts to understand the power of Agaroth, but the only mention of such power is from the 5000 year old texts of a madman, Ethomir, the Mad Priest. His text mentions an object of unknown name and origin, but scribbled on each page is a phrase… “the shadows of our past… the souls of the present… the inside-out… all wrong”.

Hey everyone, so this campaign will use the custom world map below. It’s still in work, but does include the Sword Coast, so that will work into the mines of Phandelvor where we are currently. Feel free to ask for changes to the map, offer to edit it or create backstory for any of the lands. I will hopefully be creating an official map once I decide what mapping software I want to buy. Anyway, that’s it. Try not to die in the mines!


Souls and Shadows

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